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Monday, December 2, 2019

Dr. Priyanka Reddy And Roja's killers Demanded To Be Hanged

Dr. Priyanka Reddy and Roja's killers demanded to be hanged

 NSUI on Hyderabad's Priyanka Reddy and Kanchipuram's ruthless killing after Roja's gang rape ...

 NSUI paid tribute to the brutal murder of Hyderabad's doctors Priyanka Reddy and Kanchipuram after Roja's gang rape.  Along with this, NSUI activists protested and demanded the execution of the culprits who committed the above heinous crime.  State General Secretary Krishna Atri said that 2 big rape cases have been reported in 2 days.  He shook the people of the country.  One case is from Hyderabad in Telangana where Priyanka Reddy, a 26-year-old veterinarian returning home, was burnt alive by gangsters after a gang-rape.  The second case is from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.  Where a 19-year-old girl named Rosa was raped and murdered.  Atri said, 'Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Slogan' is of no use because even after studying, daughters are not saved.  They are still burnt alive.  Their fault is that they still believe in society.  Atri said that strict laws should be hanged directly for such kind of poor.  Students, Vishal Vasistha, Ravi Pandey, Vivek Hans, Saurabh Kardam, Pankaj Chhonkar, Madhur, Parvez Khan, Akash Jha, Ankit Verma, Hasim, Dinanath, Hema Chaudhary, Yogesh Panwar, Harsh Tanwar, Hrithik Sharma, etc. were present during this period.

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