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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Why Is Einstein's Brain Safe?

Why is Einstein's brain safe?

 What will life be like after death?

 All kinds of things happen about this.  But one thing you will be sure of is that after the death your body parts will not be auctioned.

 Recently, an online website started auctioning the organs of dead people, which was also complained.


 There is a trend to save the organs of people who have passed away in many countries.  He is worshiped in many places.  Many times fraud is also done in the name of the organs of famous people.

 Even today, the teeth of Lord Buddha are claimed to be kept in a temple in Kandy city of Sri Lanka.  Similarly, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Muhammad Sahab is claimed to have a beard.  There are also claims of saving Jesus' umbilical cord in St. John's Lateran Basilica of Rome.

 This is the case of those people who are given equal status than God.  But there are many more people whose organs have been saved.  Let us introduce you today to the organs of some such famous people.

 A finger and thumb of Italian scientist Galileo Galilei have been placed in Florence, Italy for exhibition.  These organs were removed from his body in 1737 when his body was being transported from one grave to another.

 Now along with Galileo's telescope, his fingers and a spine have been kept in Florence's museum.  Followers of Galileo come to see this museum as a pilgrimage.

 On the last day of the famous King Napoleon Bonaparte of France, he passed away in British captivity.  In 1821, when Napoleon died on the island of St. Helena, the English surgeon who did the post mortem of his body had cut Napoleon's penis.

 The doctor later auctioned it at a costly price.  It was bought by an Italian priest.  In the twentieth century, a London book bought at a high price.  Then an American scientist bought it for about three thousand dollars.

 After the death of this American scientist in 2007, the items of his collection were auctioned in 2016.  There was also a vial of cyanide from which German commander Hermann Göring committed suicide by eating cyanide.

 American scientist Albert Einstein was a genius of German origin.  After his death in 1955, his eyes were removed and placed in a safe in New York.

 Likewise, his brain was taken out for investigation, on which research continued for years.

 The pieces of his brain were later handed over to his eye doctor, Henry Abrams.  However, the rest of the world saw the pieces of Einstein's brain.  But his eyes are still incarcerated in the dark box.

 A test tube attached to American scientist Thomas Edison is housed in the Museum of Michigan City, USA.

 It is said that Thomas Edison's last breath left in this test tube is imprisonment.  Edison, who invented the light bulb, phonograph and camera, breathed his last in 1931.

 The test tube in which he exhaled was closed by his doctor with a cork.  It has been preserved in the Museum of Michigan till date.  It was later given by Edison's son Charles to his father's friend Henry Ford.

 Ford kept it in a museum named after him.

 In 2011, a shopkeeper in the US city of El Paso claimed that he had the finger of the infamous Mexican rebel General Pancho Villa with which he used to press the trigger of the gun.

 Pancho was murdered in 1926.  His body was dug up from the graveyard for three years by the dacoits.  Later, claims were made to have different pieces of General Pancho's corpse with different people.

 The American shopkeeper who claimed that he had a finger on the pancho was not ready to prove it.  There was a debate on this for years.  Till date, that shopkeeper named Dave has not been able to sell that finger in the name of Pancho.

 After all, why do people show so much interest in the organs of those who have passed away?  Perhaps the life of a big and famous person is so secret that a story is made out of everything related to it.

 This organ makes many people feel around the person who has passed away.  Like Einstein's doctor Abrams said that he had eyes of this great scientist, that Einstein is still alive today.

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