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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Leonardo Slept In Horse Skin, Ate Raw Meat, Grew A Beard And Went To The Oscars For The Film

Leonardo slept in horse skin, ate raw meat, grew a beard and went to the Oscars for the film


 Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 45th birthday on November 11.  On this special occasion, her alleged model girlfriend Camila Morrone did not appear.  There are reports in Hollywood that the two are dating each other.  Camila is just 22 years old.  Now let's talk about Leonardo.  You may know Leo from the movie 'Titanic'.  The film made DiCaprio a superstar.  Kate Winslet was seen in this film with her.  The love story and chemistry of these two were well liked in the film.


 Leonardo played Jack and Kate played Rose.  The romantic scene between the two was also very popular.  DiCaprio gave the film everything it deserves.  California-born DiCaprio is a favorite actor of good filmmakers and has won many other awards besides the Oscars.  Well, if you do not know Leonardo DiCaprio, then you must watch his movies.

 Blood diamond

 Leonardo DiCaprio's role as diamond smuggler Danny Archer was well appreciated.  A blonde soldier who with the help of a black miner extracts the diamond but eventually dies.  Leonardo received an Oscar nomination but did not receive an Oscar.  The film was released in 2006.  It was directed by Edward Zwick.

 The aviator

 Based on the true story, the film had Leonardo in the lead role.  A businessman who sets up many industries and eventually falls ill and goes insane.  Leonardo received the lead actor nomination for the film but could not win the award.  The film was released in 2004.

 The wolf of wall street
 Released in 2013, Leonardo's 
performance as a rogue stockbroker in Wall Street is still remembered.  A kind of negative role in which Leonardo is seen making money by getting drunk and fooling people.  The film went on to earn a huge following and Leonardo once again received a nomination.

 The Revenant

 Leonardo received an Oscar for the film The Revenant, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.  In the film, Leonardo plays a hunter-gatherer.  Leonardo slept in a horse skin, ate buffalo raw meat, grew a beard, and more to bring Leonardo alive to the film.  Leonardo DiCaprio was the best and paramount acting of his career.

 The story of the film was something like this - a dream within a dream.  Layer of dreams and then their maps.  Mr. Cobb used to find his life in those dreams which he did not even know whether he is living, life or dream.  The film starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Marion Cotillard.  Inception is a film that surprises both audiences and critics alike.  Leonardo DiCaprio surprised everyone with his performance in this film.  The director of the film was Christopher Nolan.  Christopher Nolan is known for his fine direction.

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